2017 Summer Goals!

19420381_481597068842276_6548624938133761440_nHappy Thursday! I’m so confused about which day it is because of having a holiday on a Tuesday…I know I can’t be the only one!

Today I decided a mid-year goal setting session was in order as I have been in a big rut lately (in many areas of my life!) I did make a few goals when 2017 started but it seems difficult to me to know how to navigate or predict a full year when you’re in the midst of recovering from all the emotions and details of Christmas and New Years. I don’t like being rushed into decisions or commitments (or so my Myers Briggs results keep telling me, no matter how many times I take it!) so resolutions on January 1st or even any time in January are overwhelming to me! Anyone else?!

I do think it’s important to re-evaluate your life values and consider which direction you’re headed on a regular basis because Jesus tells us our hearts are deceitful, not to lean on our own understanding and just because there are different seasons of life…I want to be aware of each season and seeking Him when it comes to pursuing an eternal mindset. For example, there was a recent season of major grieving in my life and it was appropriate to rest and be still…sadly I don’t think I grieved or processed correctly nor did I rest appropriately…I have regrets about this but I don’t want to wallow in guilt because I know Jesus has covered it all and knows I’m weak. Now I’m at a place of wondering how to grieve appropriately without withdrawing from engaging in life itself. Therefore my list for the second half of the year is not one full of extremes as I’ll be happy to just accomplish these little things to engage in abundant living and hopefully restore some joy in Jesus again.

When it comes to goals, I can never decide if I should aim high to inspire myself or aim low to feel better about myself. I decided not to overthink it and just jotted down a list of things I would like to accomplish before this Summer is over. I’m recording it here on my little blog so it’s more set in stone and maybe it will trigger some Summer goal ideas of your own! I find if I am not intentional things don’t get done so here’s hoping this little list will help me. 😉

  1. Organize that top dresser drawer (somehow turned junk drawer!)
  2. Save $100 for travel fund envelope.
  3. Complete the two books I’ve started (if I don’t make these reading goals it just doesn’t happen, y’all!)
  4. Try three new doTERRA oils, including their bug spray!
  5. Successfully brew my own Kombucha (please arrive soon, scoby!)
  6. Swim 30 laps in one session.
  7. Seek God and take action on where I fit in the stories of the poor, the abused, the suffering.
  8. Pray for at least one family member a day.
  9. Start counseling and face hard things.
  10. Find my refuge in God and pursue Him diligently; avoid passivity (I realize this one is very vague but there’s just too much I could say about this so I’ll leave it at that!)

There are a few other goals I have that I in my head but these are the ones I wanted to record! I plan to write these down and hang them on our fridge to help me and remind me but I also hope to give myself grace, especially as I wade through some difficult spiritual things.

Do you struggle with the idea of setting goals in January? What are some of your Summer goals?! What are some of your goal-setting methods? I would love to hear!


Amanda Mariah ❤


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